Craft your subscription with boxes of all your personal favorites by hand selecting which type of boxes you'd like to include. Please select a quantity of boxes of 12 that you would like to receive. Then specify which flavors for the amount of boxes you would like to have in your subscription. (i.e. if you would like 4 boxes or 48 bars for 1 month, up the QUANTITY selection to 4 and write-in your 4 preferred flavors).

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    Cranberry Almond

    Blueberry Dark Chocolate

    Blueberry Dark Chocolate Almond


    Coffee Mocha

    Apple Pie

    Banana Crunch



The chocolate chips in some of our bars may melt within the packaging during transit if they are left in hot weather. This will only affect the appearance of the bar and does not compromise the quality or taste.

Thank you for your understanding!

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